Monday, 5 November 2012

Walk in Rothiemurchus - 1

Nothing odd about a walk in the countryside you may think, but as I broke my leg on 28 June it was marvellous being able to go for a reasonable length walk once more!

"Rothiemurchus, gateway to the Cairngorms, has become a name which is etched deep in the consciousness of Scotland and which holds an exceptional place in the natural history of the nation.” (Magnus Magnusson KBE)

For centuries nature and people have lived in harmony in Rothiemurchus. At its heart lies one of the largest areas of natural forest in Britain with an extraordinary variety of wildlife that depends on it for survival. We can enjoy this unique environment today, because of the dedication and love of eighteen generations of Grants of Rothiemurchus and the other caring families whose livelihood it has provided for over four hundred and fifty years.

By enjoying Rothiemurchus you can help: profits from activities, car parking, shops and other commercial activities are ploughed back into the care of this family owned estate to enable sustainable stewardship of the forest and for wildlife to thrive.


Victoria said...

How did you break your leg?

Peter Simpson said...

I skidded on my motorbike. I was travelling at around 10 mph and attempted to brake at the traffic lights by the main hospital in Inverness. I couldn't stop - went into the car in front (hardly any damage there) - came off the bike which fell on my right leg - crack! I was into A&E so quickly that they managed to manipulate my bone back into position without me needing any anesthetic. Six weeks in a cast and then plenty of physiotherapy. I have to go and see the consultant tomorrow (I shall be travelling by bus!) - hope he will finally discharge me!