Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Taste of Scotland - 37

I am completing this brief series of posts on Tunnock's with an independent review of their milk chocolate teacakes for you to view.

Our reviewer hadn't had a Tunnock product in rather a long time, but was glad that he picked some tea cakes up again today, even if they aren't actual tea cakes, as they really are very nice.

One of their ways of standing out among biscuits with marshmallow in them, is that they use fresh egg whites rather than gelatine, making for a much creamier and less jelly like consistency and taste. They come individually wrapped in foil, and come in packs of 6 in Asda at least. He bought his for 90p, but prices will vary depending on where you buy them.

Nutritional content per tea cake is as follows;

106 calories
1.2g of protein
14.9g of carbohydrates
Of which sugars 8.6g
4.6g of fat
Of which saturates 2.5g
0.6g of fibre
0.05g of sodium
0.12g salt equivalent

Perhaps you would like to try this Taste of Scotland!

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