Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bloggers Dinner

I was in London for a few days at the weekend and attended a bloggers dinner.

I joined John and Liz Woodhouse (of The Organist Librarian fame) at Il Posto in Victoria. We enjoyed a delicious supper and discussed other blogs, in particular The Hermeneutic of Continuity.

They were both in great form. John and Liz are both altar servers at Westminster Cathedral and are studying at Heythrop College, London. Their second grandson was Baptised on the Feast of Christ the King and John was due to be in court all this week - on jury duty - or so he claims!

I have happy memories of them staying with me in Inverness in June 2009.


John the organist said...

Great - I'll put the photo on my blog!

Victoria said...

How nice that you could catch up with your friends. Did you travel to London by car or by train and how long did the journey take?

Peter Simpson said...

I travelled by train - going on the overnight sleeper each way. The journey is 550 miles long and takes 11 hours. The train only goes at an average speed of 50 mph so that you can get some sleep! You can enjoy some super and a nightcap before going to bed and are woken up with a delicious breakfast served in your berth. It is a great way to travel!