Monday, 19 November 2012

The Garden of Westhill - 53

Well, in case you cannot wait for Christmas, I thought I had better let you see the conservatory in its winter snug style!

During the summer months the conservatory is very much a centre of horticultural activity, but with the cold nights we get in the Highlands, I move all my plants into the main house for the winter months. Whilst during the summer I do quite a lot of work in the conservatory, during winter I use it more as a place to relax. Yes, the geranium is artificial!

I really enjoy the different seasons of the year both in nature and in church.

Advent tells us Christ is near;
Christmas tells us Christ is here!
In Epiphany we trace
all the glory of his grace.

Those three Sundays before Lent
will prepare us to repent;
that in Lent we may begin
earnestly to mourn for sin.

Holy Week and Easter, then,
tell who died and rose again;
O that happy Easter Day!
"Christ is risen indeed," we say.

Yes, and Christ ascended, too,
to prepare a place for you;
so, we give him special praise,
after those great Forty Days.

Then, he sent the Holy Ghost,
on the Day of Pentecost,
with us ever to abide;
well may we keep Whitsuntide!

Last of all, we humbly sing
glory to our God and King,
glory to the One in Three,
on the Feast of Trinity.

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Victoria said...

Winter snug style looks lovely. I can see why it would be your favourite room in the house.