Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Taste of Scotland - 2

Demand for IRN-BRU is going to be a wee bit heavier this year. Sorry for the small size of the photo - but A G Barr are not allowing me to make it any larger!

Q: What is the secret recipe for IRN-BRU?

A: The recipe for IRN-BRU is known by only two people in the world, former Chairman Robin Barr and one other A.G.Barr p.l.c board director whose identity remains confidential. The secret recipe has been passed down from one generation of the Barr family to another since 1901 when BARRS IRON BREW (as it was then spelt) was launched by Robert Barr and his son Andrew Greg Barr. On the announcement of his retirement from the role of Chairman in 2009, Robin Barr confirmed that he will continue to mix the secret recipe for IRN-BRU at the company's headquarters in Cumbernauld. In true Barr tradition, he will eventually pass it on to his daughter, the company's lawyer, Julie Barr – who will keep the recipe a secret for generations of IRN-BRU drinkers to come. Beyond confirming that BARRS IRON-BREW was launched in 1901 containing 32 ingredients I am afraid we can tell you no more.

Q: Is there iron in IRN-BRU?

A: Yes there is a iron in IRN-BRU. Since Barrs original recipe IRON BREW (as it was then spelt) was launched in 1901 the recipe has always contained a very small amount of iron.

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