Saturday, 28 January 2012

Taste of Scotland - 12

Well today it is the turn of the 5 male OAP's.

Sadly the new product does not appeal to the older generation. Perhaps youngsters will like it, but at my stage of life I will be staying well clear of Fiery Irn-Bru, and sticking with ordinary Irn-Bru.

Once more, I need to offer some support to the final OAP to sample the Fiery Irn-Bru. I think a Susan Boyle song should do the trick. Sorry I couldn't find any rap for our third pensioner to enjoy!

We conclude with Daniel O'Donnell and Susan Boyle singing a duet of Our Lady of Knock.

There were people of all ages
gathered ‘round the gable wall
poor and humble men and women,
little children that you called

We are gathered here before you,
and our hearts are just the same
filled with joy at such a vision,
as we praise your name

Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland,
all my cares and troubles cease
as we kneel with love before you,
Lady of Knock, my Queen of Peace

Though your message was unspoken,
still the truth in silence lies
as we gaze upon your vision,
and the truth I try to find

here I stand with John the teacher,
and with Joseph at your side
and I see the Lamb of God,
on the Altar glorified


And the Lamb will conquer
and the woman clothed in the sun
will shine Her light on everyone

and the lamb will conquer
and the woman clothed in the sun,
will shine Her light on everyone


I'm not sure which is worse - this song or Fiery Irn-Bru! Fear not, we'll have a descent hymn tomorrow.

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