Friday, 13 July 2007

Wet and windy weather in Belfast

Sadly the sun did not shine on the 12th July Parades in Northern Ireland. As the photo shows, the weather was wet and windy. It could not have been easy carrying the great banners all those miles.

I was delighted to receive warm greetings on the phone from my friend Douglas Gibson - Glebewarden at St John's Malone. It was good to chat about 'old times', and to learn of the excellent work being done by Bishop Edward Darling - who is now enjoying retirement with his wife Patricia in Moira.

I have such happy memories of that great Church of Ireland priest. He boasts an even greater love of hymns than I do! Not only has he written some fine words, he has also composed a few fine tunes. I owe so much to his inspired ministry.

On an ecumenical note, congratulations to Fr Terry Phipps, the Rector of St James's, Spanish Place, London, who today celebrates the Silver Jubilee of his ordination as a deacon.

I was privileged to act as deacon to Fr Terry yesterday, when he celebrated a Mass to mark the Golden Weddings Anniversaries of two couples - one of whom (Laurence and Maureen Philpotts) have connections with Latymer Upper School.

Fr Terry is seen here blessing the deacon prior to the chanting of the Gospel at a Solemn High Mass in the Tridentine Rite.

However, I was not put to the test! The Mass yesterday was said in English in the Modern Roman Rite.

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