Monday, 23 July 2007

We thank you for the flowers

Today we have some dahlias from Powersourt Gardens. I have always been fond of them - I think it goes back to the time my Grandfather used to grow them in Leeds. My Granmother would always have a lovely display of cut dahlias in the house during late summer and early autumn.

There is a lovely hymn all about flowers in the Church Hymnal (5th Edition - OUP) which is set to the tune 'Tyrol' - a Tyrolese carol melody arranged by Dr Donald Davision MBE, ARSCM.

We thank you, God our Father,
For all your loving care;
We thank you that you made the world
So very bright and fair.
We thank you for the sunshine,
And for the pleasant showers;
We thank you, God our Father,
We thank you for the flowers.

Perhaps we have had enough 'pleasant showers' for the time being. A little more sunshine would be most welcome!

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