Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Jesus calms the storm

We've been thinking much about the weather recently - it has been very wet, and whilst this has not pleased visitors to Wimbledon, it has caused much more serious heartache to those whose homes have been flooded in Sheffield and other towns and villages. We keep them in our prayers.

Jesus calmed the storm that suddenly threatened the lives of his disciples those 2,000 years ago. Sometimes we too feel threatened by the storms of life. Let us turn with confidence to Jesus who can still save us today.

I think of these words in the hymn 'Sweet Sacrament divine.'

Sweet Sacrament of rest,
Ark from the ocean's roar,
Within thy shelter blest
Soon may we reach the shore;
Save us, for still the tempest raves,
Save, lest we sink beneath the waves:
Sweet Sacrament of rest;
Sweet Sacrament of rest.

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John the organist said...

The psalm we sang on Sunday was very suitable - all about thunder and lightning - it was Psalm 77! I like "Be still my soul" and "Eternal Father strong to save" for their allusions to Jesus calming the sea.