Thursday, 26 July 2007

Congratulations to Bishop Edward Darling

Well you heard it on this blog! Whilst I was singing the praises of Bishop Edward on this blog, he was away in Northampton being elected the future Executive President of the Hymn Society of Great Brtiain and Ireland - a position which he will hold for 3 years from 2008. What is amazing is that I had made no contact with Bishop Edward for over 20 years - 'something' just told me to do a blog on him! A friendship has now been renewed thanks to cyberspace!

It all reminds me of a sermon Edward once preached. Apparently a visiting priest was due to preach in a parish one Sunday, and just before he went into the puplit to give his sermon the rector described him as 'the finest preacher in Ireland.' The poor man looked embarassed. But to make matters worse, once the sermon was over the rector clapped his hands and said to the congregation, 'there - didn't I tell you!'

Well I can't resist it. I have to say in conclusion: 'there - didn't I tell you!'

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