Thursday, 5 July 2007

Martha and Mary

Today is the last day of the School Year at Latymer. We have all been frantically busy during the past few weeks - we have all been like Martha, so preoccupied with our tasks. As we start the School holidays we have a chance to learn more from Mary - to take some time out from our duties so as to sit at the Master's feet.

Today we think particuarly of Chris Hammond and Andy Leake - two of our Assistant Heads who leave us after many years of faithful service. We wish them both happy and blessed retirements.

Holy Saviour, calm our fears
When earth's brightness disappears;
Grant us in our latter years
Light at evening time.


Liz said...

Ok we've got two more weeks!!! Happy anniversary Peter, sorry I won't get to the Mass tonight, Mum in hospital. Must have the wrong e mail for you.

Peter Simpson said...

Many thanks for the Anniversary Greetings. Hope your Mother is OK.
My email address is revprs@gmail.com

Don't think I could stand another two weeks - sorry!