Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Highest University in the Land - 16

Today we are visiting the West Highland College UHI. Our photo shows the Fort William Centre.

West Highland College UHI offers you the opportunity to participate in high quality lifelong learning right up to degree and postgraduate level, wherever you live in the highlands. With no single, central campus, our college centres throughout the West Highlands of Scotland, from Ullapool in the north to Kinlochleven further south, offer learners opportunity and variety in learning styles and subjects.

Focussing on the Fort William Centre, offering a wide variety of courses from evening and leisure classes to BA (Hons), West Highland College UHI is situated in the heart of Fort William. Our main building offers a welcoming, relaxed and supportive learning environment for its students as well as comfortable accommodation for meetings and events. The site has grown in recent years to house a library, large video conferencing suites, training kitchen and sound studio to cater for the needs of our students and the wider community.


On-site library (9am to 9pm Monday -Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 10am to 3pm Saturday)
Video Conferencing Suites accommodating 1 person to groups of 50
Training Kitchen open 9am to 3pm with lunch being served between 12.15pm and 1.45pm
Wi-Fi throughout the building
Music Recording Studio
Meeting Rooms accommodating 2 people to groups of 50

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 8.30 am to 9 pm
Friday - 8.30 am to 5 pm

Here we see some students hard at work!

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