Friday, 20 April 2012

Taste of Scotland - 30

For those of you on a more limited budget, might I suggest a bottle of whisky from the Orcadian Series Vintage 1970. This is available for a mere £2,300 a bottle.

Highland Park has launched in September 2010 the third bottling in its Orcadian Vintage Series – the 1970 Vintage.

Specifically chosen by Whisky Maker Max McFarlane, the whisky has been drawn from seven casks laid down with new make spirit in 1970. All were refill casks comprising both butts and hogsheads and yielded just 1,800 bottles at a natural strength of 48% abv.

According to Max “The bottling bursts with aromas of caramelised pineapple and lemon peel as well as Highland Park’s trademark balance of aromatic peat and heather honey sweetness. At natural strength it has an intriguing mix of vanilla and coriander seeds but a drop of water brings hidden peat smoke and cedar wood to the top. This single malt has a satisfyingly long, sweet and spicy flavour that hangs on the palate.”


Rich, burnished gold still with great clarity and brightness.
Unreduced, the 1970 Vintage has Highland Park’s signature honey sweetness. A burst of caramelised pineapple is followed by a citrus kick. Water reveals sweet oak notes, followed by nasturtium petals and woodsmoke.
At natural strength, an intriguing mix of vanilla and coriander seeds. With water, hidden toasted peat smoke and cedar wood emerge.
Exceptionally long, sweet and spicy.

The Transalpine Redemptorists who live on nearby Papa Stronsay are renowned for smiling so much of the time. Most people assume this is due to a generous outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Is it possible that in reality it is due to a generous inpouring of another spirit - Highland Park Whisky? I will leave you to decide!


Webmaster Gareth said...

I love Highland Park... I have been the distillery and have an Orkney RFC shirt with its logo stitched in.

As I was born in 1970 do I win that bottle?

Peter Simpson said...

No - you're far too young to be drinking this stuff - stick to Irn Bru!

Joking apart, Highland Park is an excellent malt.