Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Easter Garden - 3

Today we include some red tulips in honour of St Mark.

The Saint who first found grace to pen
The Life which was the Life of men,
And shed abroad the Gospel’s ray,
His fame we celebrate today.

Lo, drawn by Pentecostal fire,
His heart conceived its great desire,
When pure of mind, inspired, he heard
And with his hand set forth the Word.

Then, clearly writ, the Godhead shone
Serene and fair to look upon;
And through that record still comes power
To lighten souls in death’s dark hour.

O holy mind, for wisdom fit
Wherein that Life of lives stood writ,
May we through minds of like accord
Show forth the patterns of our Lord.

And so may all whose minds are dark
Be led to truth by good Saint Mark,
And after this our earthly strife
Stand written in the Book of Life.

Happy Feast!


John the organist said...

I like this hymn! Have you any thoughts about new hymns about heaven and enjoying God - see my blog?

Peter Simpson said...

It is a good hymn - and particularly suited to Year B - the Year of Mark!

I have asked to have 'Lights abode celestial Salem' sung at the end of my funeral Mass. It is a most uplifting hymn - good words and good tune! I have even specified that I want it singing even if my funeral is during Lent. The ban on Alleluias does apply in heaven.