Monday, 23 April 2012

Easter Garden - 1

Recently I enjoyed a few days break in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. During my stay I visited the famous RHS Garden at Harlow Carr and enjoyed the Easter display of bulbs.

Kindly spring again is here,
trees and fields in bloom appear;
hark! the birds with artless lays
warble their Creator's praise.

Where in winter all was snow,
now the flowers in clusters grow;
and the corn, in green array,
promises a harvest-day.

Lord, afford a spring to me,
let me feel what I see;
speak, and by thy gracious voice,
make my drooping soul rejoice.

On thy garden deign to smile,
raise the plants, enrich the soil;
soon thy presence will restore
life to what seemed dead before.

1 comment:

John the organist said...

Another top favourite! HAppy Eastertide!