Thursday, 19 April 2012

Taste of Scotland - 29

This is what you get for your £10,000!

Well, I suppose you will now want a few tasting notes to help you make the most of your outlay.

Clear and bright with burnished mahogany hues.

Complex and multi-layered; dusty wood and old tobacco pouch at first. Slowly the emphasis moves to fruit and spices; cooked damsons, raisins and nutmeg are all prevalent.

At full strength, it is rich and spicy with excellent tannins and notes of muscovado sugar to the fore with a hint of wax. When reduced, orange peel, camphor and cloves emerge.

Long and very spicy, slightly smoky remnants.

In these hard times, I suggest that as an economy measure you mix your bottle of Highland Park 50 Year Old Whisky with a litre bottle of Firey Irn Bru.

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