Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sts Peter & Paul

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.

With golden splendour, and with roseate hues of morn,
O gracious Saviour, Light of light, this day adorn,
Which brings to ransomed sinners hopes of that far home
Where saints and angels sing the praise of martyrdom.

Lo, the Keybearer, lo, the Teacher of mankind,
Lights of the world and judges sent to loose and bind,
Alike triumphant or by cross or sword-stroke found,
In life's high Senate stand with victor's laurel crowned.

Good Shepherd, Peter, unto whom the charge was given
To close or open ways of pilgrimage to heaven,
In sin's hard bondage held may we have grace to know
The full remission thou wast granted to bestow.

O noble Teacher, Paul, we trust to learn of thee
Both earthly converse and the flight of ecstasy;
Till from the fading truths that now we know in part
We pass to fulness of delight of mind and heart.

Twin olive brances, pouring oil of gladness forth,
Your prayers shall aid us, that for all our little worth,
Believing, hoping, loving, we for whom ye plead,
This body dying, may attain to life indeed.

Now to the glorious Trinity be duly paid
Worship and honour, praise and service unafraid,
Who in unending Unity, one Lord sublime,
Hath ever lived as now and to unending time. Amen.

What splendid words - what food for meditation. They don't write hymns like that today.

Happy Feast!

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John the organist said...

Happy feast day! Great icon and wonderful hymn. We are going to miss you!