Friday, 20 June 2008

Plockton - 3

Plockton is not just a pleasant village for tourists to visit, it is also a place for commercial fishing as shown in the following photo.

Most of the fish caught here are shellfish - many of which are taken on the overnight sleeper trains from Inverness or Fort William to the top restaurants in London.

The fish is much fresher and cheaper here - as I discovered at lunchtime!


Anonymous said...

serious commercial fishing?! overnight sleeper trains?! what plockton did you visit?

Peter Simpson said...

Thanks for your comment. I suppose I got a little carried away with the word 'serious' - which probably gives the impression of Aberdeen or somewhere! So I have removed this adjective - but have added an extra photo (take May 2007) to illustrate my point. The bit about the sleeper trains is accurate.