Monday, 30 June 2008

Farewell to Latymer - 1

I shall be retiring from Latymer Upper School on 31 August this year - but as the term finishes this Friday (4 July) it seems fitting to have a few posts this week to say 'good-bye'. This photo shows the Prep School - Rivercourt House and Latymer House. I have much enjoyed teaching Religious Studies to the boys and girls aged 7-11 years.

Although the pupils in the Prep no doubt think I look at least 65, I am in fact only 55 years old, so this represents early retirement. I have taught for 33 years - 18 of these at Latymer. It may come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I am off to the Highlands of Scotland. I hope to move to a new house in Culloden, just outside Inverness in November. I hope to do more church work - but that of course will be up to the Bishop of Aberdeen.

However, one thing is sure - this blog will continue, but with a new name - 'Hills of the North, Rejoice!', (though I'll stick with the present name for the time being).


Nancy said...

I have worked at the Prep School with Peter for 3 years. We have often had interesting and thought provoking discussions in the staff room about world affairs and ethical issues. I have appreciated his assemblies where he uses personal experiences to illustrate points and I know the children engage with this style of "teaching". Peter, I wish you well. Your will certainly be missed.

Peter Simpson said...

Dear Nancy
Thank you for your kind comment. Readers may not realise that you are the best primary level science teacher in the UK - so this comes as real praise!

Edbowie said...

Every best wish for your retirement; I will miss you reading the Gospel at WC. You have a real gift for this. Don't forget to take your brolly to Scotland !

Peter Simpson said...

Thanks - I shall miss Westminster Cathedral greatly - but think I will be allowed to make an occasional appearance as deacon when I visit London.