Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Plockton - 8

Yesterday evening, after having been deacon at the Solemn Mass at Westminster Cathedral, I went with two of the altar servers to the Cardinal Pub for a pint to continue our celebrations of the Birthday of John the Baptist (not that the good saint would approve!). One of the servers (who is a regular visitor to this blog) said he must pay a visit to Plockton sometime - so I have provided a link to the Plockton Hotel for the benefit of any reader who would either like to have a meal there - or perhaps stay the night. The food is excellent, and the accommodation looks very good.

I shall expect a meal on the house the next time I go there for lunch!

The village is really unique. If you look closely at today's photo you will see a palm tree! Yes, the village benefits from the gulf stream - which explains the beautiful flowers which bloom in many of the gardens. The BBC chose the village as the setting for their popular TV series entitled 'Hamish Macbeth'.

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