Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Summer in London - 29

Here we see part of the rose garden at Buckingham Palace. One of The Queen's favourite roses is The Queen Elizabeth Rose, named in honour of her Mother.

This remarkable variety has maintained its popularity for over 50 years. It bears large pointed medium pink blooms that have a high centre.They appear throughout the summer and autumn and are double, with 38 petals.

A vigorous plant that with light pruning, develops into an impressive shrub reaching around 8ft or even more.Every few years it can be cut down hard to rejuvinate it and produce nice new growth.It has large , dark green, leathery foliage, and is an ideal rose for the back of the border, a specimen rose, or a substantial and colourful hedge.

The late Queen Mother granted her permission for her name to be associated with this rose on condition that it should be named in full - 'The Queen Elizabeth Rose' Well worth a place in any garden but does now seem to need spraying to keep it spotless.

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