Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer in London - 24

Not all the vehicles at the Coronation Festival were grand! Here is the van used by RG Jones - who provided the PA system for the Festival.

RG Jones’ busy summer season continued with the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. This followed the Glastonbury Festival, held a few weeks previously, with the simultaneous Henley Festival also placing further demands on their Martin Audio inventory.

Such congestion with very different environments was always going to be a challenge, but with careful planning and deployment, the Coronation Festival proved once again that RG Jones can rise to the occasion.

The audio specialists had been sub-contracted by main technical production company, Hawthorns — who were in turn introduced to the project by event organiser, Media 10. Both the Coronation Festival and exhibition were hosted by the Royal Warrant Holders Association in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace.

As Warrant holders, RG Jones participated in the exhibition (along with more than 200 others) while simultaneously providing sound reinforcement for the Gala concerts. Our stand exhibiting an original Morris J-type — the same as the one used by the original founder Ronald Geoffrey Jones back in the 1920’s.

"The event was spectacular" explained Managing Director Andrew Williamson "we had an overwhelming response to the van and people were fascinated to see how tecknology has moved on. We had an A-list team of engineers and I felt very proud to be there in both capacities".

Happy Feast!

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