Monday, 12 August 2013

Summer in London - 21

I'm sure I've seen this car somewhere before!

Yes, this is the State Limousine. A definitive moment came in 2002 (The Queen's Golden Jubilee) when Bentley presented Her Majesty with this beautiful vehicle. A dedicated team of 30 designers and craftsmen worked on the vehicle, which is notable for its specially enlarged glasshouse that allows well-wishers every opportunity to see The Queen as she travels to and from an engagement. It also features a unique two-tone exterior paint scheme with the shades of claret and black being solely reserved for the State Limousine.

I was privileged to send Her Majesty loyal greetings from the members of The PRS Club at Latymer Upper School in London on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee. I received a lovely letter of thanks from the Lady in Waiting telling me how much The Queen had appreciated the photo we had sent her of our club members. Perhaps it is still on display inside the Palace.

Today, of course, is the Glorious Twelfth. HRH The Duke of Edinburgh is currently staying at Balmoral Castle. This will probably be the first time he has not been able to go on the shoot himself. Hopefully, grouse will still be served on the Royal Table this evening.

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