Thursday, 20 December 2012

Inverness Bus Station - 9

Here we see the Citylink Gold coach which has just arrived into Inverness Bus Station after the journey from Glasgow. It is a most impressive vehicle - much admired by pedestrians as it passes by!

Welcome to citylink gold - your express luxury coach service between Glasgow and Inverness. Onboard coach attendants, leather seating, Wi-Fi and complimentary snacks and refreshments during your journey. That's why citylink gold is more than just a journey.


GLASGOW 0830 1300 1740
AVIEMORE 1110 1540 2020
INVERNESS 1153 1623 2103

INVERNESS 0830 1300 1730
AVIEMORE 0914 1344 1814
GLASGOW 1154 1624 2054

GLASGOW Buchanan Bus Station
AVIEMORE Rail Station

Each citylink gold service has an onboard coach attendant.

Your attendant will welcome you aboard, serve your free drinks and snacks and ensure your experience with citylink gold is more than a journey.

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