Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Garden of Westhill - 40

Here we see Des Baker (Head Verger at St Andrew's Cathedral Inverness) hard at work painting the wood of the new shelter.

This was quite a task - as there was so much wood to treat! The 'paint' used was 'Autumn Gold' in the Cuprinol range by Dulux.

With over 75 years of experience of caring for wood, Cuprinol has a product for every job that helps you make your wood last for longer and keeps it looking its best.

Whether you want to protect your wood against rot and decay, waterproof and nourish or simply add some beautiful colour.

Let Cuprinol help you make your garden great!


Victoria said...

Why did you decide on wood fired heating instead of electricity or gas? Being a finite natural resource won't wood become very expensive? Also, I know that you are in good health now but who knows the future when bringing wood into the house may become very difficult.

I love your garden posts. You seem to have a real green thumb; I can't get my hanging baskets to look anywhere as nice a yours.

Peter Simpson said...

Hi Victoria

You raise a number of interesting questions, so here goes on my answers:

I have gas central heating in the house - but this does not extend to the conservatory because winters in the Highlands can be very cold and the pipes/radiators would freeze and cause havoc! The wood-burner is really just to provide heat in the conservatory. Having said that, it does churn out quite a lot of heat (5 KWh)and I am able to open the french windows into the living room and channel some of the heat into the house.

We have plenty of wood up here in the Highlands - forestry is one of our main industries and Culloden Forest is literally on my doorstep! The woodpile that you are about to see on the blog cost £150 and should last around 6 winter months. I hope it will reduce my gas and electric bills by more than £150!

The stove is very economical in the use of logs. The logs are really quite small (8 inches long) and not heavy - though there is a noticeable difference in the weight of the hardwood and softwood logs. If I light the stove for 6 hours in the evening it only burns around 10 logs - and in the morning there is just a small quantity of fine ash to clear away.

Perhaps my photo makes me look older than I am! I hope it will be a few years yet before I move into an old persons home!

Thanks for your complimentary comments on the garden - I am pleased with how it is taking shape. It gives me many hours of pleasure.