Friday, 5 October 2012

The Garden of Westhill - 35

The colour which I decided on was Woodland Fern 2 by Dulux. The other walls were to be painted in Dairy Farm by Dulux. All the gloss paint would be white.

The decorating work was being done by Des Baker, the Head Verger at St Andrew's Cathedral Inverness. This was the first time for many years that I had not done my own decorating, and I started to realise just how amateurish my own efforts had been!


Victoria said...

I haven't checked out your blog for a while and so the garden feature was a pleasant surprise. I love your garden and am looking forward to seeing the conservatory in use in winter. The colour you have chosen looks just right.

Peter Simpson said...

Thanks for the comment. The garden series was a type of 'emergency' one - so I am pleased you are enjoying it. I broke my leg on 28 June in a motorbike accident and so have been confined to 'house arrest' for much of the summer, unable to take photos on my various trips around the Highlands. I am pleased to report that I am making good progress and am out and about once more. It is quite chilly today and I am really enjoying the dry heat that the wood-burner gives out. The tomatoes seem to be enjoying it too!