Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Garden of Westhill - 33

Here we see the wood-burning stove - it is a Dunsley Highlander-5.

The Highlander 5 has been developed to increase the choice of the householder, using the same superb burning technology as the Highlander 7. Same air wash system, same shaker system only slightly smaller, but can still take logs up to 280mm long, same range of sustainable fuel, same metallic black finish, solid brass handles as standard, with black handles available on request.

The Highlander 5 differs from the Highlander 7 as follows - the overall size is smaller, this has enabled the design of the door to be altered, so that on the Highlander 5 there is only one door to open for re-fuelling and removing ashes. This also means that the safety precaution to prevent over firing is automatically provided for.

The Highlander 5 has two combustion controls exactly as the Highlander 7, to control the burning rate, with efficiences of up to 82% burning wood logs.

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