Friday, 9 September 2011

UHI Celebration - 9

Behind the mace bearer we have on the left James M Fraser MA MEd FRSA - the Principal and Vice-Chancellor. On the right we see Professor Matthew MacIver CBE - Chair of the University Court.

These high ranking officials are wearing magnificent new robes made by Ede and Ravenscroft - a firm with no fewer than three Royal Warrants!

The new university was officially born on 1 February 2011, evolving from the higher education institution UHI Millennium Institute.

Professor MacIver said: "This was a defining day in the history of the Highlands and Islands. For centuries we have been exporting intellectual talent to all corners of the globe. We are now at a point where that flow can be reversed."

James Fraser added: "I must pay tribute to all of our students, staff and supporters who have contributed to this marvellous achievement. Granting university status is an irrevocable act and not done lightly and hastily. A great debt is owed to those who had the vision to set off on this journey and to our many supporters who have stayed the distance with us.

"We are a leading institution in widening access to higher education and lifelong learning. Our new status as a university will assist us in attracting more young people and in recruiting students from beyond the region."

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