Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Queen's Table - 2

Here is glimpse of the Castle in Royal Deeside where Her Majesty spends the months of August and September each year.

This Scottish Castle has been loved by our Monarchs from Queen Victoria down to our present Queen Elizabeth II. Whilst in residence, The Queen attends Divine Service at nearby Crathie Kirk every Sunday morning at 11.30 am. The preacher arrives at the Castle on the Saturday afternoon and dines at The Queen's Table on the Saturday evening. The preacher spends the night in the Castle and returns for Sunday lunch after the service. The preacher departs on the Sunday afternoon.

Our next few posts will offer some idea of what items might appear on The Queen's Table.

By the way, if Her Majesty is reading this blog, I am pleased to inform her that I would happily accept an invitation to preach at Crathie Kirk. I never go on for more than 10 minutes, so the Sunday lunch will not be spoilt! It is perhaps helpful to point out that I am not keen on cauliflower.

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