Monday, 12 September 2011

UHI Celebration - 11

'The first shall be last, and the last shall be first!' Here we see three senior clerics taking up the rear of the academic procession.

It is pleasing to note that the Cardinal acknowledged the humble deacon taking the photo!

Nathan Shields, President of the University of the Highlands and Islands Students' Association, said: "This was a landmark day for the Highlands and Islands, especially for our young people who no longer have to leave the region if they want to go to university."

Nathan represents ore than 8,000 students in our partner college and centres across the region. He gained his degree in popular music performance at Perth College UHI. From Inverness, where his family run a storage company, Nathan is planning a career in business or politics. In the meantime he is busy strengthening the student voice.

'Going to college or university is a big part of people's lives and the experience needs to be valuable. Institutions have to listen to their students and work together for a brighter future. My job is to get the student voice out there - I am really passionate about that," Nathan said.

'The university has a diverse student population and I intend to carry on the great work that is bringing our partnership closer together, spreading good practices for everyone to share."

It was Nathan who wrote to me with the news that the university's Students' Association had awarded me with the title of Most Innovative Lecturer at UHI for the 2010-11 session. I am to be presented with a trophy and certificate at the Eden Court Theatre on Friday 30 September. Sadly, I don't think the Cardinal will be attending!

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