Thursday, 10 June 2010

St Andrews - 14

Amongst the senior clergy in the Church today there are a number of bad peas in the pod, but few are likely to share the experience of Cardinal David Beaton!

In the early hours of 29th May 1546, St Andrews Castle was seized by a group of local gentleman opposed to Cardinal Beaton. Norman Leslie, son of the Earl of Rothes, his uncle, John Leslie of Parkhill, William Kirkcaldy and others met in the cathedral burial ground between five and six o'clock in the morning before moving towards the castle.

Workmen were already busy around the castle walls, and the drawbridge had been lowered to allow building materials inside. Disguised as masons, the conspirators were able to advance unnoticed.

Kirkcaldy was able to distract the porter at the outer gate while Norman Leslie and one or two companions reached the main entrance. When the alarm was eventually raised, the porter was murdered and thrown into the ditch, the workmen and guards fled and the castle was taken.

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