Friday, 25 June 2010

1st Holy Communion - 1

What a lovely photo - and not a bad one of the children either!

Last Sunday (20 June) eight children (four boys and four girls) received their First Holy Communion at St Columba's, Culloden. Here they are pictured with the Parish Priest (Fr James Bell) and His Eminence. They looked resplendent in their white dresses and Highland Dress - though I sympathise with the boy who said, 'I'm not dressing up like that!'

Jesus, gentlest Saviour,
God of might and power,
thou thyself art dwelling
in us at this hour.

Nature cannot hold thee,
heaven is all too strait
for thine endless glory
and thy royal state.

Out beyond the shining
of the furthest star
thou art ever stretching
infinitely far.

Yet the hearts of children
hold what worlds cannot,
and the God of wonders
loves the lowly spot.

Jesus, gentlest Saviour,
dwelling in us now,
fill us full of goodness
till our hearts o'erflow.

Multiply our graces,
chiefly love and fear,
and, dear Lord, the chiefest,
grace to persevere.

Frederick William Faber, 1854