Monday, 21 September 2009

Feast of St Matthew

Today we celebrate the Feast of St Matthew - the author of the First Gospel in the New Testament. He was a tax collector before Jesus chose him as one of the twelve disciples.

He sat to watch o'er customs paid,
a man of scorned and hardening trade,
alike the symbol and the tool
of foreign master's hated rule.

But grace within his heart had stirred,
there needed but the timely word;
it came, true Lord of souls, from thee,
that royal summons, "Follow me."

Enough, when thou wast passing by,
to hear thy voice, to meet thine eye;
he rose, responsive to the call,
and left his task, his gains, his all.

O wise exchange! with these to part,
and lay up treasures in the heart;
let them of Matthew's wealth partake,
who yield up all for Jesus' sake.

Happy Feast!


John the organist said...

Unusual - where does the hymn come from Peter?

Peter Simpson said...

The English Hymnal (1906/33 Edition).