Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Scotch Pancakes


200 gms self-raising flour
50 gms caster sugar
2 beaten eggs
pinch of salt
Milk to mix


Mix the flour, salt and sugar together
Add the well-beaten egg
Add the milk to make a thick batter
Heat a well-greased girdle (griddle) or pan
Drop a spoonful of batter at a time on to it
Do as many spoonfuls as the girdle will take
Cook on one side until it browns
When it starts to rise up and bubble, turn it over and bake on the other side
When cooked - place on a clean tea-towel, cover them over until the next batch is ready

Serve while still warm with golden syrup, whipped cream or maybe homemade raspberry jam.


Well, from tomorrow the blog will have a more sombre appearance until Easter. I shall be starting a Lenten series of posts on the Book of Genesis.


Sharon said...

I am sure that I will enjoy your spiritual nourishment posts as much as I have enjoyed your posts of Scotish physical noursihment.

JoannaB said...

I can see why you moved to Scotland - I like all these foods! Must be a throw back to my Scottish grandmother (on my dad's side). My youngest daughter loves Scotch Pancakes too!

Peter Simpson said...

Sharon - I hope you are not disappointed! Joanna - I too have Scottish ancestry - on my mother's side. It's amazing how things often skip a generation, only to re-emerge later!