Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Inverness Kilt Maker

Just down the road from St Mary's Catholic Church we have the Scottish Kilt-maker Shop and Visitor Centre.

I am not sure whether there is an official diocesan tartan or papal tartan. I have not seen any of the clergy wearing kilts - but it is freezing cold at present, and something a little warmer is called for!


David said...

The clergy do indeed have their own tartan, if you would like more information on kilts, please visit my site at http://www.your-kilt.com

Kind Regards,


Peter Simpson said...

Thank you, David, for directing me to your site - it is well worth a visit. It always amazes me how much information is available over the internet!

I tried to find information on your site concerning the clerical tartan, but couldn't find any. Is there any possibility of being more specific? I would like to feature the tartan on my blog.

I am posting a photo of an unknown (to me) clergyman in a kilt on my blog tomorrow - perhaps you could comment on whether he is in fact wearing the clergy tartan.

Andrew Teather said...

This used to be Hector Russell, I think. I used to spend much time in this area, near Whitebridge. I have very happy memories of the chapel at Stratherrick and of visiting Sister Petra Clare to collect the icon she wrote for me.