Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Farewell to Ham - 1

I shall finally be leaving London for the Scottish Highlands on 25 November.

In the meantime the Deacon of Ham is having private bagpipe lessons!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your move! Will you be continuing your blog in some form?

Peter Simpson said...

Thanks for your good wishes. I have already stayed in my new home for a few nights on and off and like it very much. Yes, the blog will be continuing - much in its present form I imagine. It will have a new title 'Hills of the North, Rejoice!' and will be launched on Advent Sunday - 30 November, which would normally be observed as St Andrew's Day. I plan to devote my weekday posts during Advent to the Mysteries of the Rosary - Glorious Week 1, Sorrowful Week 2, Luminous Week 3, and Joyful Week 4. The order might seem odd, but it will nicely lead us into Christmas.

Jackie Parkes said...

Fabulous picture..good luck!

Peter Simpson said...

Thanks, Jackie. What a pity you cannot see the kilt under my alb!