Saturday, 29 November 2008

Farewell to Ham - 17

'Goodbye And Good Luck Deacon Peter'. What a kind message!

Of course, as Christians we don't really rely on luck - rather on God's blessing. So may I ask for your prayers as I start my new life in the Scottish Highlands? At the beginning of a new Church Year, the blog will take on a new title 'Hills of the North, Rejoice!' - which is the opening line of a great Advent hymn. How very appropriate!


The Cellarer said...

Good luck 'up north', you have arrived just in time for the artic weather to descend!

Peter Simpson said...

It has sure descended this morning! I was planning a photo for tomorrows post of the 'Hills of the North' taken from my bedroom window - but will have to use one I took in July. We have a very heavy frost and it still hasn't shifted at 10.25 am! Fortunately my new central heating system seems to be very efficient.