Saturday, 15 November 2008

Farewell to Ham - 4

During the notices at the end of the Mass (before the arrival of the piper) Fr Walter presented me with a chair for my new conservatory in Inverness. In fact the parishioners have bought me four matching chairs and a table - how very generous!

To be honest (unlike the arrival of the piper) this didn't come as a complete surprise, because I had been asked what I wanted by way of a leaving gift. The table and chairs will look great in my new home and will be a lovely reminder of 17 happy years at St Thomas Aquinas Church, Ham. They are due for delivery in Scotland the week beginning Sunday 7 December - in time for Christmas. The chair is incredibly comfortable - as many people can confirm - for it was left in the sanctuary for a week for people to try out! The chair was only a sample - I am getting four brand new ones.

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