Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Welcome Spring - 7

Last week I decided to have a ride on the London Eye prior to having a walk through St James's Park. I took some lovely spring photos in the Park, but thought that the non-UK viewers of the blog would enjoy some photos around the River Thames which runs through London. Here is the London Eye on the South Bank of the Thames.

Here is a close up of one of the capsules. I imagine there are about 25 capsules in all, and the circular ride takes around 20 minutes. Each capsule holds around 20 people - so around 1,500 people can enjoy the ride each hour.

Here is a familiar view of Big Ben (or more correctly St Stephen's Tower) and the Houses of Parliament. You can see part of Westminster Abbey (Protestant) in the background.

Here is a view towards the City of London - one of the major banking centres of the world. You can see St Paul's Cathedral (Protestant) in the centre.

Finally, here is a view of St James's Park, with Buckingham Palace in the background. More photos (from the ground!) will follow. I know that these pictures hardly give the impression, but it was a lovely spring day - honestly!


John the organist said...

Isn't London wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'd need some valium to go on that!

Peter Simpson said...

Jackie - it's great fun. I'm sure your younger children would love it!