Monday, 7 April 2008

Welcome Spring - 6

I joked about the rather wintry scene around Inverness during Easter Week - but at least it was still March. Imagine my shock on opening my bedroom curtains on the Third Sunday of Easter - and finding snow falling in London - on 6 April!

Here is the scene from my balcony. I decided not to have breakfast outside on this occasion.

Here is the scene on Ham Common during my walk to 10 am Mass - a snowman being built and a snowball fight!

Here is a wintry view of the pond on Ham Common...

...and here is a photo of St Thomas Aquinas Church, Ham.

This is a photo of Ham Common taken from the church carpark.

'Tis winter now; the fallen snow
Has left the heavens all coldly clear;
Through leafless boughs the sharp winds blow,
And all the earth lies dead and drear.

And yet God's love is not withdrawn;
His life within the keen air breathes;
His beauty paints the crimson dawn,
And clothes the boughs with glittering wreaths.

And though abroad the sharp winds blow,
And skies are chill, and frosts are keen,
Home closer draws her circle now,
And warmer glows her light within.

O God! who giv'st the winters cold,
As well as summer's joyous rays,
Us warmly in thy love enfold,
And keep us through life's wintry days.

PS Who chose the stupid theme for these postings?!


John the organist said...

Nice to see the outside of the church Peter.Yes the snow was pretty while it lasted. I hope it didn't spoil your new mitre!!!!I know all about your communicatiions with the esteemed organist!!!! Don't publish of course. Liz.

John the organist said...

When our hearts are wintry....
That's a good hymn - didn't know that one and very suitable. One of the kids was playing Jingle bells on the piano after service!