Friday, 23 March 2007

Stained glass 3

This is my favourite of the three stained glass windows. It shows a very young King David and a young St John. Latymer was a boys school until the 1990's, when we started to admit girls into the Sixth Form. The Prep School is now fully co-educational, and the Main (Upper) School will be from September 2008.
What we have in this window is two devout young men - David from the Old Testament, and John the Evangelist from the New Testament. They were good examples for our boys to follow in earlier days, and are good examples to us all now.
At the top of the window we see the Holy Spirit, descending like a dove, surrounded by two angels.
This window is located at the West End of the Chapel.

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John the organist said...

I can see why this one is your favourite - it's clearly the ebst of the 3! And a very suitable subject.