Saturday, 10 March 2007

Jesus enters the Temple

It seems no time since I posted blogs on Jesus being presented in the Temple in Jerusalem when he was just 40 days old, and the incident when the 12 year old boy was found by Mary and Joseph. How time flies!

Well here we have Jesus aged 33 years, just days before his Passion. The scene is well known. Jesus was livid that God's Temple had been turned into a market place - and a black market at that!

We must be careful how we treat our places of worship today. They should be warm and welcoming, but we should never forget that it is God's House that we are in. I am never too comfortable when I am charged an admission fee to a place of worship. I am grateful that there is no such charge at Westminster Cathedral - and you will be pleased to know, no charge to get into the Chapel of the Resurrection! Still, we must give generously towards the upkeep of our churches and chapels.

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