Monday, 5 March 2007

The Chapel in Lent

The Chapel looks quite plain during the Season of Lent. This simplicity helps us to focus on what is essential in life, and provides a good environment for spiritual growth. Our aim during this season is to 'turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.'

Some people find the quieter music etc. in our services rather relaxing!The season certainly provides an excellent preparation for the Easter Festival, when the Chapel is richly decorated in bright colours, and the music in our services is joyful and triumphant.


Anonymous said...

Why that silly arrangement of candles and crucifix on the altar?

Peter Simpson said...

I disagree with you that the arrangement is silly! When they are lit, the two candles give honour to Our Lord on the cross. The figure of Jesus can be clearly seen by everyone in the Chapel (other than anyone sitting on the extreme right by the lectern). The celebrant is able to see Our Lord clearly from the presidential chair, but if the crucifix was turned so as to face him, few of the congregation would be able to see the figure.

By the way, people rarely sit at the extreme right, as we have few chairs around the lectern! This arrangement allows plenty of room for the two acolytes, the thurifer and boat boy, and of course the reader when the Gospel is proclaimed.