Monday, 9 December 2013

Salisbury Cathedral - 7

It's time to move inside the lovely Cathedral. Here we see the nave - magnificent!

What is special about Salisbury Cathedral?

+ Britain's finest 13th century Cathedral
+ An important heritage attraction and a beautiful and historic building
+ An iconic building recognised by Britain's tallest spire (123m/404ft)
+ Britain's largest secular Cathedral Cloisters with newly landscaped garden
+ Stunning setting in the largest and perhaps most lovely Cathedral Close in Britain (80 acres)
+ The best preserved of only four surviving original Magna Carta (AD1215), listed on the UNESCO ‘Memory of the World’ with huge worldwide recognition
+ Spectacular flowing ‘living water’ font by William Pye (2008)
+ A unique 13th century stone frieze of bible stories in the Chapter House
+ World's oldest working clock (AD1386)
+ The largest and earliest set of Quire stalls in Britain
+ Regular major art exhibitions/installations
+ A choir which continues a tradition of daily sung worship that goes back hundreds of years
+ Participates in Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Service

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