Sunday, 1 December 2013

1st Sunday of Advent

Today we rejoice that the night of our long pilgrimage to God's eternal city, the new Jerusalem, will soon be over. The Lord's unending day is dawning. Already, in the words of Isaiah, we see 'the mountain of the Temple of the Lord' etched against the eastern sky. Let us wake up and stand ready.

Awake! Awake! Fling off the night,
for God has sent a glorious light,
and we who live in Christ's new day
must works of darkness put away.

Awake and sing, with praises strong,
in psalm and hymn and spirit-song.
Let love our words and works renew
with all that's good and right and true.

Let in the light; all sin expose
to Christ, whose life no darkness knows.
Before the cross expectant kneel,
that Christ may judge, and judging, heal.

Then rise as children of the light.
Be neither proud, nor hide from sight.
Be careful how you live, and wise
to sift the truth from cunning lies.

Through Christ give thanks to God, and say
to other sleepers on the way:
"Awake, and rise up from the dead
that Christ may shine on you instead!"

Happy New Year!

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