Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ripon Cathedral - 22

We end our trip to Ripon by visiting Kirby Malzeard Methodist Church. Kirby Malzeard is located six miles north west of Ripon.

Here we see my cousin, Janet Jordan, practicing the hymns for Divine Service on Low Sunday. Her husband Michael is putting up the hymn numbers - an important job!

1 Born in song!
God's people have always been singing.
Born in song!
Hearts and voices raised.
So today we worship together;
God alone is worthy to be praised.

2 Praise to God!
Sing praise to the one who has made us.
Praise to God
whose image we bear.
Heaven and earth are full of God's glory;
let creation praise God everywhere.

3 Christ is king!
He left all the glory of heaven.
Christ is king!
Born to share in our pain;
crucified, for sinners atoning,
risen, exalted, soon to come again.

4 Sing the song!
God's Spirit is poured out among us.
Sing the song!
We're created anew.
Every member part of the Body;
given God's power, God's will to seek and do.

5 Tell the world!
All power to Jesus is given.
Tell the world!
He is with us always.
Spread the word, that all may receive him;
every tongue confess and sing his praise.

6 Then the end!
Christ Jesus shall reign in his glory.
Then the end
of all earthly days.
Yet above the song will continue;
all his people still shall sing his praise.

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