Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Inverness Cathedral - 3

Here we see the chancel screen - to the left is the pulpit, and to the right is the lectern.

The pulpit is of Caen stone and Irish marble, supported on columns of granite from Abriachan, and was carved by the local sculptors, D & A Davidson. The panels depict St Andrew preaching from the cross, the Good Shepherd, and St John the Baptist preaching. The chancel screen the work of Sir Robert Lorimer (1923), is a memorial to those members of the congregation who died in the First World War. The names include a Victoria Cross winner and a chaplain. Above it is a hanging rood (crucifix) with the symbols of the four Gospel writers on the arms. The brass lectern, from which the Scriptures are read, is a link with the cathedral’s origins, being the gift of the last priest to serve the Bishop’s Mission Chapel.

Lord, Thy Word abideth,
And our footsteps guideth;
Who its truth believeth
Light and joy receiveth.

When our foes are near us,
Then Thy Word doth cheer us,
Word of consolation,
Message of salvation.

When the storms are o’er us,
And dark clouds before us,
Then its light directeth,
And our way protecteth.

Who can tell the pleasure,
Who recount the treasure,
By Thy Word imparted
To the simple hearted?

Word of mercy, giving
Succor to the living;
Word of life, supplying
Comfort to the dying!

O that we, discerning,
Its most holy learning,
Lord, may love and fear Thee,
Evermore be near Thee!

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