Sunday, 19 May 2013

8th Sunday of Easter - Pentecost

Today we celebrate the 50th (and final) day of the Easter Season, and recall that day when the Holy Spirit descended on the infant Church.

Sing to him in whom creation
Found its shape and origin;
Spirit, moving on the waters
Troubled by the God within;
Source of breath to all things breathing,
Life in whom all lives begin.

Sing to God, the close companion
Of our inmost thoughts and ways;
Who, in showing us his wonders,
Is himself the power to gaze,
And his will, to those who listen,
By a still small voice conveys.

Holy men, both priests and prophet,
Caught his accents, spoke his word;
His the truth behind the wisdoms
Which as yet know not our Lord;
He the love of God eternal,
Which in Christ was seen and heard.

Tell of how the ascended Jesus
Armed a people for his own;
How a hundred men and women
Turned the known world upside down,
To its dark and farthest corners
By the wind of Whitsun blown.

Pray we, then, O Lord the Spirit,
On our lives descend in might;
Let thy flame break out within us,
Fire our hearts and clear our sight,
Till, white-hot in thy possession,
We, too, set the world alight.

Praise, O praise the Holy Spirit,
Praise the Father, praise the Word,
Source, and Truth, and Inspiration,
Trinity in deep accord;
Through thy Voice which speaks within us
We thy creatures own thee Lord.

Happy Sunday!

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