Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Highland Folk Museum - 9

The main building of the Tin Cottage comprises first a best room or 'parlour' walled with lining boards, second the central living area, and third, a scullery type area.

Our photo above shows the parlour. This room was only used on Sundays and High Days. It seems surprising to many of us today how when people had such small dwellings to live in, one room was kept apart for Sabbath use. I remember my grandparents in Leeds having such a room in the early 1960's - I had to be on my best behaviour when ever I entered the parlour!

Note the china tea service in the dresser, which would only be used on Sundays, and the gramophone player which would only play music on Sundays. What would the residents of the 1930's make of our Sabbath observance - what with supermarkets being opened 24 hours a day!

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