Friday, 20 May 2011

Highland Folk Museum - 17

Here we see Kirk's Store. This small shop is named after the Kirk family who farmed Aultlarie prior to the Museum being developed.

The 'Store', created in one of Aultlarie Farmhouses's ground floor rooms, is intended to represent a type of shop that was once common, i.e. developed in someone's front room to provide additional income for the owner and an essential service for the community.

The shop which is interpreted for the late 1930s features many original artefacts including packaging from a variety of food and domestic items; some ironmongery and a till displaying pounds, shillings, and pence.

See the Bisto Ad - yes, it's time for a sing!

Of course it's OK having Bisto on a Sunday - but it will soon be a mortal sin to consume it on a Friday. Yes, it's time for a sing - not for a sin!

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